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Experience Lubbock in the Texas Panhandle Plains

Lubbock, Texas is known as the ‘Hub City’ and it is definitely a hub of bustling activity. Lubbock is in the panhandle region of the state and is home to about two hundred thousand residents and is the result of joining of two towns. (Monterey joined in 1890). It started out as prosperous for its grass and cattle friendly environment and a large cotton growing industry and is a booming city that cannot only be called home but also a great travel destination.

There’s much to see and do here in this section of western Texas. There are wineries and gin distilleries to visit and plenty of museums, gallery exhibits, shopping and fine dining.

Lubbock has brought much to the music industry.  To showcase the legend, there’s the Buddy Holly statue, walk of fame and Buddy Holly Center to visit. Buddy Holly was a Lubbock son and there’s plenty in the city that pays tribute to the late music legend. Hank Williams also came from here and in 2006; he’s being paid tribute to at the Cactus Theater. Modern day musicians such as Natalie Maines (The Dixie Chicks) also called this city home.

The National Ranching Heritage Center is an important part of local culture and features interesting exhibits and historical buildings.  The Depot Entertainment district is a place for nightlife and food that tourists crave with public houses, nightclubs, upscale restaurants and shops.

For kids or animal enthusiasts, there’s a 248-acre park called Prairie Dog Town where you can check out these interesting and cute little animals in one of the largest prairie dog colonies there is. You could then stroll over to the Joyland Amusement park or have a lovely picnic and see the Yellow Canyon.

Some of the annual events that locals and visitors alike both enjoy are:

Lubbock, Texas has plenty for everyone.

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